"What the hell," a new song!
First off: WELCOME to four lovely new Nateive Patrons in April so far! Debbie, Julie, Kirsten and 'Jesse and Jeane', I am delighted to have your presence here, thank you for you 💞! 

Onwards to this very exciting thing I wanna share with youuuu: 

If you're a Sprout Nateive, I shared the veeeeeery earliest version of this, when it was just an hour old, a week or so ago (you can still hear that if you missed it, right here). 

Then, I shared the next version with all patrons a few days ago, which you can totally listen to too, if you wanna, over here).

And NOW, recorded in one take on my iphone, the morning after my show on Friday (hence the rough voice), here is my ( probably) finished, newest tune, 'What the hell,' cos, what the hell, right!? 😂

As me lovely Nateive Patrons, you're getting to hear this first, before anyone in the world! I'll share it all publicly tomorrow, on the youtube, etc 💌.

Oh yes, for all you Saplings, I'll be sending you an mp3 download of this soon soon ⬇️!

That's all from me, beautiful humans (I assume. I mean, I know you're beautiful, I'm just assuming that all y'all are human).

Your troubadour

PS: If you're reading this and are NOT a patron (*gasp*), what the heck are ye waitin' fer!?!? Pledge $1 and get heaps of unreleased music, join the community and enjoy loads of other fun exclusive magical special things!