What I am working on in July/August 2015
Dear supporters, a quick update, as July rolls into August about what is going on in our camp. I am looking at developing some schematics for environmentally conscious housing. My uncle is a award winning environmentally focused engineer. I seek to manifest some of my most impassioned ideas working with him.

Additionally, we are preparing Robot Pride Day 2015 (http://robotprideday.com and follow on Twitter @RobotPrideDay). This year, we are asking all RPD followers to donate to an organization that plants trees or plant one themselves.

Also, we are in pre-production for the next music video from Come to Life. I will keep it a secret a little longer. I like for things to coalesce to a certain point before promising them.

Please stay tuned to this dial, and if possible, bring some friends! We would love to raise our monthly if we can. Thank you so much for all you have given thus far.

Be safe and well out there.

With love


ps. if you support these initiatives, please consider pledging a small amount to my Patreon campaign. Your contribution sends a strong message of support and moreover, every penny is used to wards these positive goals. Thank you!

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