What I Bought in the Sephora VIB Sale + Patron Updates!
Salut! I'm trying to catch my breath and catch up on life/l'amour post-Thanksgiving holiday! Hope all my Americans had a great one - I definitely did :) I just published a mid-week video to YouTube, showing you what I bought in the Sephora VIB sale (restrained) and some first impressions.

A few quick updates for Patrons:

+ I haven't done a music post in a few weeks but I'm going to post the song that was playing during the end credits of this video. It's a mid-2000s fave of mine that's delivers such a groove <3 

+ I just transferred all my instagram content (stories, posts, and additional content that never made it to instagram) of the past two weeks to my computer so I'll be stringing that together and posting tonight or tomorrow.

+ December 1 is literally basically here, so there will be another poll for aux urnes+ to vote in for a December exclusive video!

+ I'm going to be making some posts to the different levels within Patreon letting you know about basically brand new products (usually tested or swatched no more than a handful of times) I was sent/tested and need new homes, and offer them up to you (we'll see how first come first serve goes?). These will be completely free to you, I'll pay to ship them (US only for right now). For example, I tried all of the Axiology lip products in the recent Beauty Heroes Brights box once and the colors don't suit me, so I'd love to send the set to someone who would use them. I will never accept any money whatsoever for products that companies sent me for free, but I would like them to get used AND I would like them to go to people who support L'Amour on here! So stay tuned for that if you're interested.



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