What I did the last days (Apr. 4 '17)
One thing first: through elaborate sarcasm people often express serious, heartfelt concerns - and I always pay attention to that. So: no I am not burning through your patreon donations by travelling and moving. I am, in fact, using a combination of living quite frugally (just loving my new 4m x 4m flat) and pulling tricks like slipping in a conference visit for my 1-day-per-week employer into a country move (who says a business trip has to start and end at the same location?). All of this does take time, but: I will stay in Germany for quite a while now. And: most of this chaos is still somewhat due to realizing the hard way that Iceland is not a good place to live and GTFOing out of there earlier than planned.

Regarding what I did:

  • The code of the activity network, applied to a tiny rural-village-scenario is starting to come together.
  • I really tried to get something running as soon as possible, without spending a lot of time on implementing lots of details or making the architecture nice.
  • I'm glad that I did, because it allows me to "fail fast", i.e. getting the chance to evaluate my assumptions as early as possible.
  • My first focus is of course performance, to find out if my plans are feasible, or what I need to change in my approach to make them more feasible.
  • Right now, it's still hard to tell *how much* too slow my naive first implementation is, but it is already very clear where the CPU has to spend too much work.
  • One nice detail about my approach is that it is very *introspectable*, i.e. it is easy to look at what it is doing, what is going wrong, where which decision is taken.

That's all, I hope I'll have more to tell tomorrow!

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