What I did today (Feb. 22 '17)
I'm now living for one month in one of the most beautiful cities I know (and that's very tough with St. Petersburg in the race), can you guess which?

Otherwise, I'm still gnawing on some tough problems with the economy design, but my strategy for solving them becomes more and more clear.

  • I wrote down  the rural-town scenario which we implicitly converged on in our discussions, as a minimal, but all-edge-case-covering proof of concept for the economy prototype.
  • I decided to not continue to blindly try to invent all the abstract algorithms around economy without any examples
  • So I started writing down everything that I need in the rural-town scenario, starting with  resource types today, and continuing tomorrow with activities and household types
  • I also decided to put all of this kind of data into simple text files that are loaded by the game, instead of directly into the code
  • This should make it possible in the ideal case to add new resource types, business types, new activities and even whole new professions including their interactions without having to compile any code! This will hopefully be the first example of really straightforward and easily discoverable moddability!

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