why i don't weigh myself or count calories : http://bit.ly/1sxhGpp

it's summer and we need to eat no matter how hot it gets outside. warm, hearty foods are out - i crave cool, refreshing, juicy, raw things that won't make me hotter than i already am.

let's take a look at what i ate this week !

summer must-haves for me include watermelon, tomatoes, strawberries, peaches, broccoli, fresh herbs like coriander, basil and mint. and last but not least - my fav summer food : artichokes. yes please.

here are all the recipes in the video : http://bit.ly/28VR0FV

breakfast bowl with homemade oat milk

3 ways to make your smoothie healthier

super easy creamy polenta with spicy lentil salsa

green comfort congee bowl

meal prep : congee with sour miso soup

summer rolls

hope you found something delicious-looking in the video - is there any recipe you're thinking of trying ?

let me know !

love // jenny