What I learned when painting realistic things in an unrealistic way.
Last week on my Facebook I put up a post looking for people to commission their eyes to be painted. You could choose the background colours and I'd paint them.

There's a weird balance I'm trying to strike in these, I want the eye portrait to really capture the eye of a person. However, the identity we assign to eyes is in context of the whole face and I'm not painting the whole face. Instead, I'm painting bright colours in an abstract way. 

I think that this affords a unique way to capture personality. Personality is an elusive thing, trying to capture it is like trying to capture smoke, it has already changed by the time you've even thought about containing it. 

We've all seen a picture of a person we cared about, or even ourselves and thought, that does not capture what they actually look like. Even photo-realistic paintings can fail to capture the je ne sais quoi of an individual.

We've also seen landscape paintings that are blurry, out of focus and yet totally capture the feelings and emotions of a place. 

To me, I think capturing the feelings of a person or place are much more magical and important than making something look exactly like a photograph. 

Artists have the ability to take reality and expand on it, elaborate and stretch it to reveal truths otherwise not explored. That's the kind of art that I fall in love with and that's the kind of art I want to make.

I'm working on a piece right now that will do just that. I'll post work in progress pics soon!

Hope you all have a wonderful Easter weekend <3 <3 <3