What I Love about the Church
Today, we know the church primarily as a group of people who meet in a particular building. In fact, for many, the church is the building. Maintaining the premises and establishing rules of conduct for those who want to be a part of making decisions about what goes on within the building seems to be must important.

Even if we see the church as more than four walls and a roof, we often view the church in a similar way we view the ladies garden club, or the men’s softball team. It’s a special group of people with a unique purpose in life and if you want to be a part of the group, you must abide by certain rules, or standards.

The problem with this view of the church is that it’s incomplete, at best. If not downright unbiblical.

As long as we can relegate the church to a building or a group of people who believe certain things and abide by certain guidelines, the church will always be disposable to us. There is nothing intrinsically eternal about a church established around man-made material or beliefs.

Am I suggesting a statement of doctrine and beliefs is “man-made”? That to come together because people agree on certain truths is a humanly devised set-up and not what God intended? Does what we believe not matter?

Well...you'll have to read this evening's post to find out what I'm saying.