What I thought about (Feb. 13 & 14 '17)
Pretty chaotic couple of days, but I had time to think through all the economy goals we came up with in the planning livestream, to review all the great discussion around that and to start sketching some solutions.

Here's a rough first gist.

Central concepts:


  • raw materials (wood, grain, milk, iron, ...)
  • processed materials (food, gasoline, paper, ...)
  • processed items (TV, car, printer, machine, ...)
  • money
  • intangible/needs (hunger, health, social life, leisure, education)
  • can be subcategories of each other


  • are conversion recipies / "chemical reactions"
  • have specific resource consumption rates on one side of the reaction, and specific resource production rates on the other side
  • can have "catalysts" that make the reaction faster, or can even be strictly required to do an activity
  • e.g. "Eating" 0.5 food => -1.0 hunger + 0.1 garbage
  • e.g. "Milking Cow Manually" nothing => 1.0 milk + 0.3 hunger; requires: 1.0 cow
  • e.g. "Milking Cow with Machine" nothing => 5.0 milk + 0.3 hunger; requires: 1.0 cow + 1.0 milking machine
  • e.g. "Walking through park" nothing => 0.2 hunger + 1.0 leisure + 2.0 environment


  • have private resources & needs
  • travel to participate in activities


  • e.g. family or business
  • have shared resources, needs & items
  • offer activities based on available resources
  • do short-term planning for emergencies (always) & spontaneous nice-to-haves (if free time is available)
  • do long-term planning: try to achieve some kind of preferred resource rate equilibrium through scheduling recurring routine tasks (work, buy groceries, ...)


  • house households

I will try to work this out in more detail over the next couple days, probably already capturing some of that in code, which can then be discussed by everyone interested!

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