Here is the structure I would like to pop onto the small cement slab that is in the corner of my back yard.  In the garage I would place a kiln for firing the items we have created.  Once I can get started, the cost of classes would help further build up supplies.

Recently a person who I have the fortune of seeing around asked me to create some things for her clients.  I showed her some of my work.

I tend to be an enthusiastic person.  It gets me in trouble sometimes, but I don't think I want to be any other way, when it comes right down to it.  Let's just say the idea of this made me smile large.

I told her, however, I could not create anything until I began working in the lab where there are kilns.  Fortunately, she was ok with this.

As life would have it, plenty of kids are around my home.  It makes me happy.  It makes me even happier when they want to play with clay.  I really don't care about the mess, I love seeing what they create.  I love encouraging their engagement in the process.  I love the dogs, the kitties, the dragons, the hearts, the easter baskets all the crazy, funny stuff they put so much of their heart into.  Not sure where this came from in me, but it feels very healing.

However, like the commissioning of work from this friend in my community, none of the items that the children make come to completion because my process is entirely stunted.  I have no kiln.  Because I have no kiln I cannot do even the first firing for the creations and so they slowly disintegrate, which to me is just wrong.

What do you think?  The will is there for me, but the sacrifice of my job for the littles when they were young has put our whole family at a place where we only dream and plan of moving ahead financially.  I would love to hold classes, have an open studio and support our arts community at a truly grassroots level.

Can you get behind this?  Even a little token of support is a huge encouragement.