WHAT!? I'm currently ranked as one of the best poets in the country
(Another update from behind the scenes at the Swedish National Poetry Slam Championships)

Yesterday was a wonderfully tumultuous day. It started with a TV and radio interview alongside the brilliant Henry Bowers (that you can listen to right HERE - the interview is in Swedish but in it I read a brand-new poem from the brand new book in English), included an awesome poetry (friend) speed dating session, and ended with me winning my heat of the poetry slam (aaaah! how craze-amazing is that!?) Everything after the win is a haze of great people, amazing poems and ill-advised Spice Girls-kareoke.

I'm having a  really brilliant time, meeting some wonderful people and learning loads about spoken word and poetry slam in Sweden. And so glad to have you lot (virtually) back stage with me.

Tonight, I'll be competing in another heat. I am currently ranked 4th out of all the poets, after two nights of competition. I need to be in the top 8 after tonight's heats in order to be in the final tomorrow. Will give it my all (and perhaps do my poem 'Worthless' - what do you think?).

Wish me luck!

Love and solidarity,