Hi everyone, Just thought I'd post a wee update on what I've been up to. Firstly, at the moment I'm on the later end of a freelance animation project. All I can say is it's for an animated segment of a feature length documentary. I'm sure once it's officially announced I'll be able to share it with you all. It's turning out nicely. On the side I'm also busy developing my own secret project, which you might have seen me mention on Twitter before. I'm always working on that, and when the time is right, I'll announce stuff on that too. Once the documentary is finished, I'll be full timing work on the secret project for a while, while also doing extra small things here and there, for you guys and for my own sanity! Also, the new Neomadic video will be out this month. So keep your eyes peeled. Thanks everyone who's supported me here so far and anyone who's been watching my stuff. Patrons: Any requests or questions, just PM me or leave a comment here. Thanks!