What I'm working on: May, 2018
In the past month I've moved to a new house and one challenge I'm facing in my new place is the lack of my Internet connection. This has slowed down my workflow (because I have to go to coffee shops in order to perform research and write posts like this) but nevertheless the content creation will not stop - and here's what I've been working on.

Know Your Plane Series: Episode 5 will cover the Brazilian AWACS aircraft Embraer 145 ISR that is currently operational in the Brazilian, Mexican, Greek and Indian air forces. The video of the series will focus on the Surveillance Aircraft variant that is known in the BAF as the "E-99" (the one in the picture below). Thanks to your support I've been able to buy the only one book written about this plane. of which I had to be shipped straight from Brazil. I hope that with this video you will be enlightened with knowledge on one of the least famous AWACS aircraft.

Although the book is a good source of knowledge, it lacks some specifications about the aircraft and its systems, therefore I will attempt to  contact Embraer and the Esquadrão Guardião from the Brazilian Air Force once I got my Internet connection for some additional information. Hopefully this collaboration will work out - so fingers crossed!

In addition to making the Know Your Plane episode which talks about the EMB 145 ISR (Intelligence, Surveillance and Reconnaissance) platform in general, I'm considering making a video more in-depth on the different variants of the plane and another one on the history of the aircraft in the Brazilian Air Force. Again, I will try to form a partnership with both Embraer and the BAF which might prove beneficial for future projects.

Know Your Plane #6: I haven't decided but I'm considering the CFA-44 Nosferatu. However there is some important lore content about the CFA-44 that will need to be translated from the ASF-X Master File, thus I will need to hire a professional translator for that - but obviously I will provide the raw translation to the community.

Ace Combat Ikaros in the Sky novel translation: Unfortunately attempts to find an Ace Combat fan to provide the translation to English have been unsuccessful. I've contacted a professional Japanese translator and I'm currently waiting for a quote for the project. Most of the funds raised here on Patreon and in my channel will be going to this project once I got a quote. As the novel is translated on a chapter-to-chapter basis. I will make some lore videos and provide the community with the raw translation as well. I'm working out a partnership with Project Lighthouse for this project but details will be announced at a later date.

Yukikaze videos: I'm re-reading the novels and taking notes on the lore content to start a series called "Yukikaze Explained". The first episode, which is an introduction to the series, has already been recorded and should be made public in about a week.

Game review: I was planning to have ACI's review uploaded prior to the shutdown of the servers however since I was unable to make the deadline I'm now considering uploading the review of AC3 instead.

Ace Combat 7 at E3: As always, I will be doing the coverage of the event in a live stream so stay tunned.

These are the news, hope all of you are having a good start in May. Until next time.

ACF o7