What I'm writing: Fall 2016
Writing never stops, even as the holiday season approaches. Here's what I have planned for (what's left of) the 4th quarter of 2016:

Linear Anthology #3: The tentative title for this one is "Forged in the Fires". It runs in parallel to the second entry in the series, which I hope to start making available to Supporters sometime soon. I'm actually almost done with the first draft, and I hope to finish it before the month is out.

Nocturne: Another working title, this one is the story I'm doing for NaNoWrimo, which starts on November 1. As usual, I'm not exactly doing the "official" competition, but I'm sticking to the goal of 50,000 words by the end of the month. At the pace I've been writing lately, that shouldn't be too hard, right? I'll have more info on Nocturne over at Prose Poetry Code, where I'll be doing daily updates on my progress.

PPC Posts: These are all automatic. I'm done writing them, and they're set to post all through the rest of this month and December. (November, of course, is reserved for progress reports.) Looking through my queue, I see the following:

Two posts in my "Magic and tech" series. These discuss how magic affects a culture's government and economy, respectively.

  • Part 21 of "Let's make a language", a series about conlanging that I've been writing for quite a while. In this three-part entry, I'm looking at words for occupations and work.
  • A quick post looking at loanwords and how they can be used in constructed languages.
  • A brief look at colonialism and how it can be incorporated into a fictional setting.
  • A silly little town map I'm making in the excellent Tiled map editor.
  • And plenty more rambling and ranting.

So that's what the rest of 2016 looks like, not including Thanksgiving dinner, Christmas Eve, and all the other fun times ahead. Next week, I'll have more to say about Nocturne and a few projects I have waiting in the wings. See you then!

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