What In The World Is Doggie Detail?
      I used to call myself a Professional Mucker when we stalled our horses at night. I learned exactly where to look for wet spots and covered horse poop. At one point we had 4 horses, and each had their own unique way of helping or hindering my stall mucking chore. Nimueh and Myrlyn, our American Mustangs, were relatively neat and predictable in their stalls, and our other Mustang, Royale always used the same spot in his stall. Our Palomino Paint Quarter horse Teaka on the other hand, is our messy mare. Teaka likes to walk circles in her stall, which chops and spreads her horse poop everywhere making her stall the most time-consuming to clean. Teaka is our only horse now until Peaches, our new Gypsy Vanner, arrives this summer. Our mustangs have all been re-homed to good homes and Teaka has been enjoying the freedom of using her run-in for the last few months. She can now go in and out as she wishes and usually does her business outside. 

   With all that experience, my wife Susan has promoted me to the CEO of Doggie Detail, which is how she refers to picking up all the dog poop in the yard. You may not think that it's a big deal, but we have 10 dogs, most of them rescues. They are all different breeds and sizes. In alphabetical order, we have Bell – an Aussie/Golden Retriever cross, Bluebell – a Labrador cross, Cassidy – a Guardian bred Great Pyrenees, Finnegan – a Papillon/long haired chia pet cross, Holly – a Labradoodle, Isabelle – an Aussie cross, Jesse – a Golden Retriever cross, Kira – a Sheltie/Border Collie cross, Meggie – a pet bred quality Great Pyrenees and Willow – an Aussie cross. All are females except for Finnegan, our Alpha male. We live on 6 acres, fenced and cross-fenced. Our dogs are all inside at night and in bad weather and are all housebroken. 

   As the CEO of Doggie Detail, it is my responsibility to keep the yard free of dog poop. Lucky me. My tools are simple, a wheelbarrow, manure fork and a super dooper pooper scooper. I use a grid system in the yard, similar to that used in searches for missing persons. That way I hopefully don't miss any poop. I have to be careful where I walk, as you can imagine. As I walk along, I pick up the poop with either the manure fork or the pooper scooper and deposit it in the wheelbarrow. The wheelbarrow is lined with a layer of hay to avoid having the clean dog poop out of the wheelbarrow. It takes me about an hour or so to pick it all up and haul it down to the manure pile in the back paddock where I dump it and cover it with some old hay from the run-in. It all decomposes and mixes with the horse manure to form excellent garden soil.

   I've learned the subtle differences in size, texture and colors of dog poop. I can pretty much tell which dog it came from now. I guess some people would consider this all useless information, but to a CEO of a Doggie Detail company it's a job requirement. Some of our dogs like to annoy me by pooping in an area that I have already covered. I know they are laughing at me among themselves when I have to return to that area to remove it.

   It's not a particularly easy or enjoyable task for someone with 2 bad knees and a bad back, but there's no stress involved unless I happen to step in a pile of wet dog poop. It has to be done before our pack starts snacking on what they consider to be lawn cookies. If you've ever seen a half eaten dog turd, you know what I mean. It does get me outside doing something physical and the dogs all follow me around. I know they're just waiting for me to clean a spot and then poop in it. Isabelle is our main ball player and she carries around a squeaking tennis ball. She likes to drop it in front of me so I will kick it for her to chase. She's a smart dog and knows exactly what I am doing and what I look for. If I ignore her, she drops the ball by some dog poop. Smart dog. Bella just follows me around for the joy of walking with daddy.

      My dream is to one day find a use for dog poop and develop a market for it. There must be a need somewhere for dog poop but so far I haven't found it. If not, maybe I'll start my own business, “Walt's Dog Poop Removal Service”. There must be money to be made from dog poop somehow. Either way, you'll find me outside in the yard everyday with my wheelbarrow, manure fork and super dooper pooper scooper. It's who I am and it's what I do. 

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