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What is GliderCell?
The short version: The original term was a "glider," a rogue group of cells discovered by John Conway in a cellular automata experiment around 1970.  

Cells were programmed to do basic things on a grid. Over time an orderly and chaotic region of cells took formation on the grid. But a weird thing happened. A band of cells seemed to rise above or break free of the original programming. Instead of looking chaotic or lacking form, it turned into a "vehicle" of some sort and moved diagonally on the grid.  

This may appear to be interesting on the surface but lacking relevance. However, I hold the position now, especially after doing research on the topic of self organization, that if you encourage randomness, whether in a classroom, school or organization -- that if you design things in such a way as to allow for more freedom and creativity, you will get greater participation and better results. 

GliderCell (merged into one word from the original word glider by Conway) is now a metaphor or symbol for any thing or organization that actively seeks to merge new ideas, break free of categories or "escape" from rigid hierarchies or structures. I think it's where all the great break throughs happen. 

More GliderCell ideas and areas of interest here

As an organization, GliderCell is now all the things listed below -- ideas, projects, products, services, initiatives that use this philosophy: 

A Podcast  

Game Based Learning  

Brainstorming Group  


Special thanks to Brandon Norgaard of the Sacramento Politics and Philosophy Meetup for his contribution. He also makes it possible for our HikeStorming group to have a platform. 

Thanks are also due to historian, author and activist Esther Franklin. She was not only a guest for a podcast interview, but generously offers studio space for the podcast. You can check out her book on the descendants of Thomas Jefferson and Sally Hemings on Amazon.  

Please help us out with a donation so we can hire more staff and bring all these products and services to more people. 

Thank you!

-- Lee

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