What is Arwen so excited about....?
Arwen is delirious over ArieScope.com's annual BLACK FRIDAY SALE - going on now through Sunday night at 6pm PST!  Autographed movies, screenplays, posters, CDs, comics, clothing, and more - at the lowest prices of the year!  Plus save an additional 20% when you use promo code "haddonfield" (all lowercase) at checkout!

ArieScope has also done an extremely limited re-issue of the MOVIE CRYPT "CULT OF ARWEN" and HOLLISTON "ONE MORE DAY" T-shirts that had both been retired for some time now.  Sizes in both designs are limited and will sell out quickly so if you missed out the first time they were available, don't wait!   Once they're sold out again it is back into T-shirt retirement they go!

Happy shopping!