"What is Autism to You?"
Our viral video!

Part 1 of 3 in our "What's Normal Anyway" video series.

TRIGGER WARNINGS: includes footage of Autism cure talk & Autistic pathology - Also...lot's of Actually Autistic Pride x

The beginning clips are to show the Fearmongering surrounding Autism. The video then goes on to dispel this fear by explaining what Autism is to an Autistic person.

My autistic son who is 6 and pre-verbal is the reason I made this video. I want the world to be a better place for him One where he is not viewed as abnormal or weird because he is autistic x

Video featuring (to name a few): Steve Silberman, Rosie King, Chris Packham, Anthony Hopkins, Life, Animated, National Autistic Society

#actuallyautistic #autisticpride #autisticidentity #WhatisAutism#theAutisticRevolutionWillbeTelevised #neurodiversity #agonyautie

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