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What Is Religious Faith? - John Lennox - An Atheist Responds #11
So I have had a bit of a poor month with early access for you folks.

I actually thought i had set this for early access (it was recorded and edited and online about 10 days ago) but it seems like I hadn't done so!

Then with the video on sex and gender I tried to set that for early access two days before it went public but the "send message" button on my smartphone browser wouldn't acknowledge a tap and I was unable to send the message.

So a bit of a fuck up there. 

Nevertheless, thank you all for your support once again this month. Really very appreciated. A special mention to the three or four new patrons the last 30 days that I haven't yet messaged with thanks. I really WILL get that done in the next few days......... it is just always a rush July and August with it being the summer holidays and so i end up devoting all my online time to preparind, recoording and editing videos (and answering comments) and other bits fall to the side.

Take care all and thanks once again,