What is The Generous Pine?
I've experienced several shifts in faith throughout my life. Many times, I have endured these shifts in understanding my Christian faith by myself. Because of the loneliness, alienation and at times hostility that I have often experienced as a Christian aiming to scrutinize her faith, I've deleted many blogs in the past, afraid of what consequences I might face for exploring faith in dogmatic religious space.

I created my blog, The Generous Pine, in order to reclaim my voice from this fear of punishment, as well as to cultivate a space where the question "What does it mean to seek abundant life?" can be explored. I engage the complexities of identity, such as those related to race and gender, as well as realities of oppression and marginalization when exploring this question of abundant life. I aim to also use the platform for educational and artistic projects.

Most of the photographs and graphics featured on this page were created by me as well. By supporting me, you allow me to reach and minister to the hearts and minds of others across the U.S. and abroad, especially those who are aiming to unbind themselves from the oppressive forces of imperialism that may seep into our Christian tradition. When you support me, you support the renewing of the minds of many others like me who might also feel alienated in their community for experimenting with faith that engages and resists a culture of violence to the oppressed and the "least of these".