What is Holistic Tarot?

Holistic Tarot Consultancy differs from traditional Tarot Reading. Tarot Reading in the past was, and still is, used by many as a ‘Fortune-Telling’ method of divination. Typically the client sat quietly throughout a brief reading while the Tarot Reader relayed an interpretation of each card drawn. It was a one way flow of communication with The Tarot Reader in full control while the client sat silently taking note of all the bits and pieces. A Reading was often a series of non-related pieces of information, with some parts making sense, while others remained mysterious or out-of-place. People often sought Tarot Readings to find out if the Reader could see what they already knew about themselves. The emphasis mostly lay with the Seeker making every effort possible to conceal any personal details from the Reader. Wedding rings were hidden in bags and lips were sealed, with barely a nod given in the direction of the Reader to confirm whether the information being delivered was relevant or accurate. Seekers of Fortune-Telling style readings were more interested in testing the ability of the Reader’s accuracy with irrelevant details of their lives rather than hearing advice or being open to guidance.  As a Holistic Tarot Consultant I am quick to redirect any enquiries for Fortune-Telling style readings as I am certainly not what they are looking for. However, the occasional booking slips through. It can become quite strained when I come up against a client who refuses to engage with me on any level.

Holistic Tarot Reading is based on Intuitive Reading and not Psychic Reading. If you happen to be Psychic too, then whoa, what a bonus, but it is not necessary. However, intuition needs to be developed.

Tarot Reading has thankfully evolved and today we find a rich variety of interpretation styles to suit every need.


The Modern day approach to Tarot Reading can be compared to Life Coaching, except that Holistic Tarot brings in other aspects such as spirituality and metaphysics. Like Life Coaching, Holistic Tarot must address not just the individuals strengths, but also the weaknesses that block their desired progress in life. For this process to work, The Querant or Seeker needs to accept their weakness in order for them to be addressed or overcome in the first place. Holistic Tarot Reading has to be honest and upfront, but not brutal or destructive. Those who seek a Holistic Tarot Reading do not come to hear a confabulation of pink fluffy messages or soft interpretations to massage their ego. They have an issue, challenge or goal, and want some straight talking and constructive advice. They are ready to open their mind, and willing to let go of preconceived attitudes and mindsets. They seek happiness, harmony, and personal fulfillment. If that involves having to confront their weaknesses, negative patterns of thought, feelings or behaviour, or personal demons, then so be it.

Seekers of Holistic Tarot Readings generally do not come for fun or light entertainment. That is the realm of Fortune Telling.  Time is precious to them. They come with an agenda and do not mind having to do some work to fulfil it. No one is perfect, some more/less perfect than others. However, all of us can strive for something better. Holistic Tarot can provide the Key to personal elevation and ascension. It is only through understanding both the negative and positive aspects of our personalities that full integration can occur. They say knowledge is power, but achieving full knowledge of the self, is the greatest power of all. When we have a decent understanding of what makes us tick, or not tick, we are in control of our actions, thoughts, feelings and needs. Instead of manipulating others and the rest of the world to achieve our end, we can manipulate our self to bring about the changes needed to realise our personal potential and success. The true power lies within each one of us. Holistic Tarot works through the various layers of the psyche to reveal our elemental anatomy which determines where dis-ease, blockages, over-activity and under-activity is occurring. The Tarot Cards, through their imagery, symbolism and elemental qualities act like surgical instruments that help dissect and diagnose the problematic processes at play. When we can diagnose where our problem/s are coming from and why, we can work out the remedy or remedies that might fix  or cure them.

A Holistic Tarot Reader is there to assist the Querant achieve their goals or ambitions, find solutions to challenges and issues, heal relationships, and point out possible alternative routes to success. It is important to understand in Holistic Tarot Reading, the Reader or Practitioner is only there to assist. A Querant or Seeker does not have a Tarot Reading done for them or on them. On the contrary, the Querant is compelled to participate in their own reading as they have a vested interest in obtaining the best outcome possible.

Holistic Tarot Consultancy goes much deeper than the old-fashioned method, by diving into the realm of the human psyche and all that resides therein. It draws a new style of clientele; those who seek personal empowerment and the freedom to control and manage their own life. They see Tarot as a form of Personal Life Coach that will equip them with the necessary skills and attitude to achieve their goals and dreams. They are not in search of what they already know, but more so of that which remains hidden. They are keen to actively participate in their Reading and like to contribute their own reactions to certain cards that are drawn.  They are ready and willing to talk about their issues and fill you in on background details. They genuinely want a breakthrough of some sort and are open to all ideas and opinions that might benefit them on their journey.


People tend to seek a Holistic Tarot Reading or Consultancy when they feel stuck, confused and indecisive, are facing a challenge in life, trauma, loss, relationship issues, career moves and lifestyle changes. They typically seek a reading after acknowledging they might be too close to their own situation to view it objectively. Modern Readers help such people by adopting a more holistic and analytical approach when interpreting cards and spreads. To differentiate from ‘Fortune Telling’, many Tarot Readers today take on additional study in some form of psychology as it facilitates their understanding of the Tarot and makes for a more effective and skilled Reader. Not everyone can take out time or afford a psychology degree, but there are a multitude of courses online with flexible approaches to study. A little knowledge of psychology goes a long way in Tarot when interpreting various personalities and archetypal situations. Holistic Tarot Readers will also be drawn to the study of other holistic or metaphysical disciplines which again will be integrated into their practice and will influence their approach to Tarot interpretation.  Modern Day Holistic Tarot Readers are likely to combine other therapy methods when assisting their clients in personal growth and development.


Tarot is believed to act like a mirror to the subconscious and soul. Its imagery reflects the archetypal story of our personalities, lives, relationships, situations, issues and crisis. The cards drawn in a spread are a key to our inner knowledge, deep intuition, wisdom and personal resources. Because of our multidimensional aspect, Mind, body, emotions, and spirit need to be taken into consideration when interpreting Tarot in order to gain full understanding of the role each play in the situations we find ourselves in. No one part of our life can be fully separated from the other. Everything is inter-connected and intertwined. So too are the cards in a Tarot Spread. Analysing the dynamics and interplay between cards instead of treating each as stand-alone interpretations allows us to piece together what is happening, why it’s happening, how the personalities involved are impacting the happening, the feelings, thoughts and actions connected to the happening, the methods being used to cope with the happening, and the strengths and weaknesses of dealing with the happening. Tarot will reveal all this when approached in a holistic manner, but most importantly it will offer guidance and advice on how to progress or resolve the happening so that personal growth and spiritual development for the highest and greatest good of all is encouraged and facilitated.  Holistic Tarot Consultancy/Reading will not predict a guaranteed outcome, but it will show you what is potentially possible or achievable under your personal circumstances.


The answer to all our issues lie within. Responsibility sits with the client for their personal circumstances, and not on the fall of the cards. The cards are simply an extension of the Client’s subconscious, and not a separate force on a personal agenda to construct or destruct at whim. Similar to a Pendulum in Dowsing, Tarot Cards hold no power on their own and will sit dormant until awakened by the energy and intention of the seeker’s subconscious. The Cards drawn are no reflection on the Reader who cannot be held accountable for unwelcome cards appearing in a Spread. The Cards at that moment in time belong to the Client or Seeker. Most who pursue a Holistic Tarot Consultancy are actively striving for change, and are prepared to accept that. They are not in denial, and are ready to face the truth of their situation or issue. They are not looking for an accommodating Reader who will only tell them what they want to hear. Holistic Tarot Reading removes the pink fluffy aspect associated with oracle card readings. It deals in respectful truth, honest opinions, unbiased and objective analysis. No damning messages, or fearful omens are delivered for the sake of drama and theatrics. However, you will not find any decent Holistic Tarot Reader failing to point out obvious blocks or negative patterns that may be holding back the Seeker from reaching their goals or living a fulfilling life.

Therefore Holistic Tarot Consultancy is a method of self-analysis and not total reliance on the control or advice of others. During a Reading, Holistic Tarot Consultants will work on a partnership basis with a client to assist them in understanding what their cards would like them to know about the issue they have sought guidance on. The Reader acts as the mediator between the client’s subconscious and conscious via the medium of Tarot. The Reader brings into light the meanings of the cards drawn, the relationship they share with other cards in the spread, and will discuss with the client on their relevancy and ask for their opinion. A two-way flow of communication with questions, suggestions and input from both Reader and Client is essential for the extraction of vital details so that all pieces of the jigsaw come together in a coherent manner. A Holistic Tarot Reading involves team-work. The information comes from the subconscious of the client, very similar to a dream. The Reader is knowledgeable about the meanings behind the cards that the client’s subconscious has chosen to tell the story. At no time is it suggested that information is coming from the spirit world, or otherworldly sources. It is a combination of personal intuition, effort, openness, knowledge and experience that guides the process.

How can the Reader be so knowledgeable about a stranger’s life? Because it is the subconscious of the Seeker that draws the cards, the images and elements which reflect the inner friend who is eager to give input. The Reader becomes the mouthpiece for the inner best friend. It can be tricky at times. Holistic Tarot Reading is like having a in-depth chat with your best friend. A friend who is not afraid to tell it as it is.


Just because Holistic Tarot Readers can be instrumental in achieving success or healing for their clients, does not mean their own lives are blissfully perfect. On the contrary, very often it is a case of ‘do as I say and not as I do’. The advice and guidance we offer our clients via the cards they have drawn can very often be applied to ourselves. Clients appearing for Readings who have very similar issues to our own, happens regularly. Their story mirrors ours, and whereas we are struggling to work through ours, we seem to have no problem cutting to the heart of the client’s issue when interpreting their spread. Through the Tarot Cards, we expose blocks, challenges, options and advice that could readily be applied to ourselves. As we communicate these to our client it feels like we are talking to ourselves. We must remember that at that point in time, the Reading belongs to the Client and not us. Yes, they are very similar stories but not the same. Each story has its own dynamics going on, its own cast of characters, and a multitude of personality aspects affecting it.  They say the student will find the teacher and vice versa when they are ready. Where Tarot is concerned we are constant students, even when we become Readers or Teachers. We develop our abilities as Readers through our experience with clients and their stories. We learn something extra from each Reading we do. Life revolves around Archetypes and Archetypal situations that play out over and over again since time began. We too are Archetypes, living in Archetypal situations. As Holistic Tarot Readers we are bound to come up against clients mirroring our own archetypal situation, and in doing so, can nod in understanding and empathise with their issue. It is not necessary that we have mastered or conquered our own to be in a position to give advice to another. Each situation has its own specific remedy. What cures the Seeker may not work for the Reader. The Major Arcana Card, Temperance XIV, suitably demonstrates finding the right combination of ingredients to solve individual issues or situations.  Also, the advice I am not ready to take on board or activate in my own circumstances, may not be such a chore to the client. Yes, I should do as I say, but maybe the Client is in a better position to do so right now. Holistic Tarot Readers generally turn to other Readers or Holistic Therapists for objective advise just like doctors turn to other doctors, psychologists to other psychologists etc.

So let me take you off the hook there. If you believe you cannot become a Holistic Tarot Reader because you have too many problems in your own life, then we must all resign right now. The best Tarot Readers generally have had a tough run of things in life. They have had to endure some hard lessons and quite often have health problems. This puts them in a position of understanding from direct experience. It is why young Tarot Readers often struggle to be taken seriously in their work. At Holistic Fairs people tend to be drawn to the older Readers, not because they are well known or enjoy great reputation, but rather because they are deemed to have lived long enough to experience the general ups and downs in life. Right or wrong, people feel older Readers are in a better position to give advice.

The good news is, Young Readers generally draw a following from their own age group. They are familiar with the world and lifestyles of young people whereas older Readers may not be as clued in this area, or have lost touch with what is going on in their world. Young Readers will have a better insight into what issues the younger generation are faced with such as college, beginning a career, peer pressure, independence, socialising, travel, dating, engagement, planning for weddings, pregnancy, first baby, etc.


Holistic Tarot does not operate under the banner of Psychic Readings. It is also referred to as Intuitive Tarot Reading. We all have intuition so therefore we can all Read Tarot on a Holistic Basis.

Saying that, we all have some form of psychic ability which can be developed with concentrated work and effort. There are also those who have been aware of their psychic abilities since birth. They do not have to try so hard, but they have to control it. The rest of us have latent or dormant psychic abilities. These are said to be extra senses and include; clairvoyance (clear vision), clairaudience (clear hearing), clairsentient (clear feeling or sensation), clairsent (clear smelling), clairgustance (clear taste), clairempathy (clear emotion) and channeling. One sense will be dominant and can be encouraged to develop. The others will either be weak or absent. No one has access to all the above senses and indeed most of us would struggle with even one. However, what we all have is Natural Intuition. It is our birthright, and from the dawn of time has been vital to our very survival. When our intuition is activated we can tune into our inner guide which provides us with information regarding our environment and personal security. It helps us to read the people and energy around us to determine if they, or it, are friend or foe. It allows us to read, or sense, an atmosphere so that we can take the necessary action. It allows us to see through facades and falsities to obtain the truth. It steers us out of trouble and encourages us to follow the right path.

Intuition works a bit like muscle. The more it is used, the stronger it gets. If we rely totally on others to direct or steer us through life, our intuitive muscle begins to undergo atrophy and wastes. We can no longer rely on ourselves and become helpless and dependent. We make bad choices in most areas of our life, especially in relationships and career.  Sometimes we can’t make a decision at all because we can’t decide which is right or wrong for us. We walk into situations that should be left well alone and open our mouths when it would be best to keep it shut. We just can’t read anything that is going on around us.

So, because we all have intuition, it can be developed it. Reading Tarot is a bit like going to the gym for your intuitive muscle workout. When we first start to learn Tarot, we struggle to connect with the cards or hear their subtle messages. We stare blankly at a series of images and fail to feel out their story. So many things have to be taken into consideration at the one time, it can feel overwhelming. When we begin Reading for others, it can sound mechanical and disjointed. This is all part of learning to Read Tarot. It is a full body of study after all and not meant to be assimilated and mastered in two weeks. Its like learning to drive. At first we feel challenged and overwhelmed by all that we are expected to do at the same time just to get the car to move forward. How are we supposed to check rear and side view mirrors whilst finding the correct gear, indicating and applying just the right amount of pressure to the accelerator while pushing down on the clutch simultaneously? We then have to avoid all the other cars on the road, pedestrians, cyclists, watch out for loose dogs, read road signs, stop at red lights, and adhere to speed limits etc. It all sounds un-achievable. Even the shortest of drives can leave us worn out and mentally exhausted from the sheer effort of concentration. However, we keep going back out every day because we want to drive and gain experience. One day we head out and it is not until we have arrived at our destination that we realise how automatic the whole process has become. Our driving has come together and we can now trust our abilities. We are driving without thinking about it. It has become natural and not forced.

The same applies to Tarot Reading. Your intuition will develop and strengthen the more you use The Tarot Cards. Unless you already possess strong intuition starting out, you will be mistrustful of it when reading for others. When it kicks in, and it does if you stick with it, you may feel uncomfortable about going with it. You will hold back on offering your interpretation because you just might be wrong. When the person you are reading for feeds this same information back to you after the reading is over, you will want to kick yourself for not speaking up. Intuition is a funny thing though, and you can get it wrong at times. All Tarot Readers experience this. Many things can affect our intuition and we can go through phases when it seems to fail us. Our wires get crossed and misfire. There are days when none of our Readings seem to be on target and it can get quite miserable. The best thing is to let it go and not try to force it. Walk away from it and come back another day when you feel more balanced relaxed.


Besides at least one Deck of Tarot Cards, a good Holistic Tarot Reader embodies several of the following qualities (this list is not definitive):

  • Patience
  • Natural or acquired intuition
  • Good Knowledge of the cards
  • Knowledge of the various aspects involved in Tarot
  • Confidentiality
  • Observance
  • Good Listening Skills
  • Analytical thinking
  • Objective View
  • Unbiased
  • Good deduction skills
  • Good story telling skills
  • Grounded and practical
  • Normal
  • Consistent
  • Approachable
  • Flexible mind
  • Open mind
  • Empathic
  • Desire to help
  • Compassion
  • Non Judgmental
  • Sympathetic
  • Diplomatic
  • Not Prone to shock or impressed with scandal/gossip
  • Humourous/Witty
  • Nnon-sanctimonious
  • Non-controlling
  • Spiritual
  • Courageous
  • Energy worker
  • Light-worker
  • Knowledge or training in other Holistic Therapies.
  • Bonus – Psychic abilities