Aug 26, 2021

Ice racing is a sport which involves the racing of motorized vehicles on predominantly natural ice surfaces like frozen lakes or rivers. It started in Ontario more than forty years ago, and it continues to thrive as an inexpensive, fun part of the Ontario motorsport scene. Ice racing is exactly what it sounds like - cars racing wheel to wheel on a track of glare ice. The track is laid out, then repeatedly coated with water until a thick layer of ice is built up between the snowbanks that delineate the course.

Several types of vehicles are used for races, of which the most common are automobiles, motorcycles, snowmobiles and ATVs. The sport is mostly conducted in the northern parts of North America and Europe. The tracks used for races vary, it can be a quarter mile to one mile oval, or can be road courses that are several miles long. Many organizations run relatively low-speed time trials, 온라인경마 slippery autocrosses that tests patience as much as the car's performance. Other clubs run wheel-to-wheel races on short tracks populated by welded-up jalopies. 

Many believe that Ice racing is the most fun in all form of motorsport, because it is relatively cheap, easy to get into, doesn't require hours of maintenance after every race and is quite safe. But no form of motorsport is entirely safe and many entry-levels varieties require checking racer sensibilities at the starting grid. Races are divided into two classes based on whether vehicles are allowed to use studded tires and not.

Ice Speedway or Motorcycle Ice Racing is popular in Russia, Sweden and Finland, where the Team Ice Racing World Championship, the most popular motorcycle ice racing competition, is held annually. The bikes race anti-clockwise around oval tracks between 260m and 425m in length.

Car Ice Racing is very popular in France, where an annual Trophée Andros series is conducted. Besides this, only a few other official races are conducted elsewhere in other countries. Most other car ice racing competitions are small, conducted at a regional level, for amateurs and recreational drivers.

The technique of ice racing is effectively a form of drifting, but it won't get any points for style here. This is very much a race, and the act of driving the car sideways at speeds approaching 100 miles per hour, inches away from the door of another car, is thrilling to say the least. It's also pretty damned challenging. Racer often have to find the grip first and let the line come next, but even doing that will require a driving technique that's rather extreme. Ice racing can be incredibly challenging. It relies on feel as much as technique, and that feel can take a very long time to develop.