What is The Knife Media?

The Knife Media is a digital news outlet that offers news without spin and rates other media outlets for their level of bias. Founded in 2014, the company has developed a process based on scientific standards that detects spin, bias and other distortions in the news. Using this proprietary method, it offers its readers top world and U.S. news stories without the sensationalism, bias and polarized opinions common in the media today. The Knife has also developed a rating system that measures the level of objectivity of any news article, helping readers proactively choose the standard of news they wish to consume.

Led by CEO Rosa Laura Junco and editor-in-chief Jens Erik Gould, The Knife has a team of 20 editors, writers and analysts who are specialized in critical thinking, logic and the company’s analysis process. Previously, Junco, who is from Monterrey, Mexico, served on various boards at Grupo Reforma, the largest print media company in Latin America. Gould, a native of Los Angeles, has more than a decade of experience reporting for news outlets including Bloomberg News, The New York Times and TIME Magazine.

Since the 2016 U.S. presidential election, there has been heightened global emphasis on the need to detect inaccurate reporting and fabricated news stories. While The Knife believes in the importance of accuracy and has a dedicated team of fact checkers, the company believes it is just as important, if not more so, to identify when spin and opinion are stated as fact. The Knife team uses a methodology based on the scientific method that measures the objectivity of any communication. Its analysis process examines the spin, slant, logic and accuracy of every word, sentence and paragraph of a given news story. The final product gives readers unbiased news and analysis that helps them identify distortions and become more critical and objective.

The Knife Media is not supported in any way by advertisers or outside companies. While most media outlets receive a large portion of their revenue through advertising, The Knife has chosen to be fully subscription-based in order to ensure that it only serves the interests of its readers and isn’t influenced by advertisers.

Ultimately, The Knife’s mission is to provide objective and factual news that accurately preserves history and elevates the level of critical thinking and civil discourse in our society. In today’s technologically advanced world, it is more important than ever to have standards for media and mass communication, as one piece of information can reach a global audience in seconds. With the right tools and a commitment to truth through scientific standards, The Knife believes it can bring more responsibility to the way the world communicates.