What is a Motion to Disqualify an Attorney for Misrepresentation?
Lawyers or Attorneys practice law WITHOUT A LICENSE, since they became an Attorney. Attorneys have a Bar Certificate which is not a license or gives them the right to practice in Firm, but merely, Yearly Subscription FEE, that if paid, keeps them in the CLUB! If challenged in court over who has the right to practice law, this MOTION would make the Bar Certificate-Toting Club Member, fragile and close to Contempt which can be enforced by Sanctions by the FEDERAL RULES OF CIVIL PROCEDURE. They have to produce a license, immediately, or move forward with the case with 2 unlicensed individuals, PERFECTING LAW without a license. The Constitutional has been hijacked, but your RIGHTS given by YAHWEH can not be revoked, much less, Trampled Upon. In God's Law of the Land, these attorneys are Transgressors of the Law, instead of REMEDY AND REPAIR! Keep yourself a blank copy of a Motion to Dismiss, Motion to Disqualify and a Motion for a SPEEDY TRIAL, printed at all times. In this Admiralty Court under Military Tribunal, YOU'RE GOING TO ALWAYS HAVE TO USE THEM. Practicing Law is a Right under the Constitution, that can not be limited by a Certificate, issued by the STATES, because the STATES can not regulate who can practice Law, in any capacity. "But then....we can start our own CLUB", They would say. But you still are a LAYMAN, being WITHOUT A LICENSE TO PRACTICE LAW, WHICH BY YAHWEH GOD'S LAW, we are on equal footing. Remember: The wisdom of man is foolishness to YAH (GOD).

Defend yourself against CROOKED LAWYERS in a CORRUPT SYSTEM called Government!!

To get a lawyer on the other side, Off of the case, what must you file in court?

Motion to Disbar Attorney

Motion for Sanctions

Motion to Disqualify

Motion for Summary Judgment

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