What is "Next Chapter"?
As an incredibly indecisive artist, I've spent many years getting bored with projects and leaving comics half finished. So many, in fact, that I have finally turned indecisive comics into an art form! Yes, my inability to stick with one story line for more than a couple months has finally formed itself into a comic of its own. 

Introducing "Next Chapter," a series of short comics that have nothing to do with each other! Each chapters of this series consist of 4 page comics with alternating themes, genres, characters, and styles. You can think of it as a free all-you-can-read comic buffet!

The comic is available to everyone at:

And new chapters will be posted every other month, with the hopes of more frequent posts in the future!

Pledging here on Patreon helps keep the comics coming and will get you access to awesome rewards like design and story input, early access to the comics, and exclusive art made just for you!

Thanks for reading, and hope you enjoy the comics!