What is Patreon and how it is being used for 2017's creative challenge
I thought I would take a bit of time to explain a little more about what Patreon is, for those who don't know, and why I have decided to use it as my platform for 2017's creative music challenge. 

The easiest way to describe it, is Patreon is like a Kickstarter... except it is for ongoing projects rather than a single project that needs funding. It is a way for people to support creatives - to allow them to keep doing what they do best. The creatives have various "rewards" for different payment levels, these are things they give to those who become "patrons" or supporters/participants of their creative journey. Some charge per project, others charge once a month. There is a huge range of talent  here, pretty inspiring! 

How I am starting out with this, is with a specific year long project. I want to create/record one original small song (probably 1-2 min. or less) a month and release it through Patreon. If you would like to participate/support this project, it is $1/month (you pay $1 a month and get to hear and download the monthly original song to keep - and also get to enjoy whatever other content I share). I guess I am almost using it as a “shop” in a way or like one of those monthly subscription packages that we see a lot of these days that involve paying per month for something that interests you yet has an element of surprise (I don't know what to expect from these songs, so it is a surprise for me too!). 

I am unsure of how this will grow, I am open to playing it by ear to see how this platform works, to see if it is a good fit for me and any other creative endeavors. So perhaps I may add “reward” levels to be able to give away additional things at some point! It is important to me that I feel it is a fair thing - the audience gets something worthwhile, and I am able to financially continue sharing my work in creative ways.

I have more to share regarding this, but will break it up so it isn’t one massive word dump. ;) Keep an eye out throughout the week if you want to hear more.