What is a Peace Warden?
As the name suggests, Peace Wardens are an elite type of enforcer which specializes in cases that are too dangerous, strange or unworthy for the local authorities. When the militia or footmen are in over their heads... enter the Peace Warden. A Peace Warden is devoted to the God of light and, although dextrous in the handling of magic and magical items, they can only cast Divine Spells from the school aligned with their deity. Casting any other type of magic is forbidden and punished severely. 

Considered a very powerful adversary, few would even think of challenging them in combat. They are keepers of the Law and seek balance with their actions. The city of Everstill has 3 Peace Wardens currently in service: Elhena, Texius and Missan (mind you, most small cities can barely afford one) but they are called upon so rarely that they lead a life of contemplation and solitude, almost never comming in contact with another Peace Warden. There is not in recent memory, a case which was so demanding it requiered the aid of two Peace Wardens.

Driven; they will stop at nothing to get the answers they seek and restore order to the land. Shrouded in mystery, Peace Wardens are an essential tool for ridding the world of dangers most people would only dream of.