What is Reynard City?
Reynard City is an idea I've had since I was a kid- I think the germ of the idea came when I first watched my friend play Sonic The Hedgehog on the Mega Drive (or Genesis in the US).  The rush of colour and excitement, plus the distinct style of the character was something I'd never seen before.

Over the years the story began to develop- we had three characters.  AK Girl is kind of like a female Jack Sparrow, a psychic vixen who inflates on contact with caramel and generally is a bit nutty.

Wondervixen is her best friend and the more serious foil to her- she is the one that works hard and resents AK Girl's more carefree approach. However as the comic goes on it becomes clear all is not as it seems.  Wondervixen's boyfriend Hyper Rob is the son of a gangster who creates an evil robot known as Mega Fox.

Together they come to Earth to stop Mega Fox- but all is not as it seems and there are a few twists and turns, creating a plot that's partially the 90's style cartoon you expect but also with a few added twists.

The comics can be downloaded for free from reynardcity.com Throughout the making of this we have been looking to balance paying for fantastic artists with giving people access to the comic. Finding that balance has been hard.

However with your help we can achieve this. Over the course of this Patreon I will post more updates on the project and the various aspects of it,  as well as looking at the people involved.

If you have any questions please get in touch. A big thank you to Patrick and Julio, our first two backers, all support very much appreciated!