What is the Sacred Arts Education Archive?
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Here's the public table of contents for the Sacred Arts Resources Archive, as of 9-22-2017.  Are you a patron?  Here's your version with active links. 

Sacred Arts & Folk Magick

  • Source Material for Jewish Amulets and Jewish Magick 
  • Crystals and Gems in Jewish Folk Magick
  • Murray & Lanman Florida Water
  • Jewish Bible Magick 1
  • Sacred Seals in Jewish Tradition
  • Social Justice Sigils
  • Elements in Judaism || Aether (Chashmal), Water (Mayim), Fire (Aish), Earth (Afar) 
  • Tzitzit - Crossroads of Normative Judaism and Jewish Folk Magic

Judaism and Spirituality

  • Tekufah Tevet - The Winter Solstice in Judaism
  • Animal & Plant Allies in Judaism
  • Asher Yatzar - The Bathroom Prayer
  • Shavuot Seder of the Seven Prophetesses

Modern Midrash

  • Weaving of Eve: Chava & Her Daughters
  • Weaving of Eve: The Weaving of Creation
  • Weaving of Eve: The Weaving of Creation - Illustrated Verses