What is the Aletheian Society?
Our fabulous artist Daisy is not only responsible for the brilliant Aletheian Society cover art, but has just completed an extra-special secret project for us which we can’t wait to show off. It’s a trailer for Series One, a tantalising glimpse at some of the history behind the show and a stunning work of art in its own right - and we’re releasing it to our Patrons in advance of general distribution as a heartfelt thank you for your much appreciated support!

We’d also like to point out that while you’re watching, you’re listening to the full version of our theme tune, composed by the equally fabulous Stoo Goff, audio engineer, sound designer, producer and all-round wizard, without whom, it’s fair to say, this show simply wouldn’t exist.

So on that note of all-round misty eyed gratitude, I leave you with the question on everyone’s lips...

...what is the Aletheian Society…? 

Jude Reid