What is that THING?!
I found a picture of myself I can stand to show on my profile, all shiny with joy and unaccustomed heat while on vacation.  The beard is slightly whiter now, as the greasy object shown was revelling in the early part of 2012.  The joy? Cropped from the shot are wife and son, and the vacation was a reward for long service from The Regular Job-- like a politician, I was travelling on someone else's dime.

The hat, by the way, is not a political statement of any sort.  It's there to keep the sun off and preserve what looks I have.

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Vital Spark
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  • An ephemeral but nonetheless sincere e-mail of thanks.
Revelatory Flicker
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  • An equally ephemeral email of thanks...
  • ...but in the form of a hand-written note scanned and attached.
Beckoning Glow
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  • The transitory email of thanks...
  • ...which will likewise include a scanned hand-written note.
  • That note will, a short time later, appear in your actual mail.  Not only a quaint throwback to bygone days of non-electronic communication, but very nearly a hand-shake (or a hug, whichever you please); consider that the paper I write on is an artifact we will both have had our hands on!
Steady Beam
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  • All of the wonderful nonsense the $5 level offers, plus the right to suggest (once, upon becoming a patron) a theme a flash story of about 1000 words.  That story will be previewed to patrons only for a full month ahead of public availability.
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  • A preview of that story, even before the other patrons have a look.
Unearthly Effulgence
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  • All that the $25 level would bring, plus...
  • Double the size of story.  More or less.  It's not a precisely measured stock to cut a chunk from, after all; around 6000 words.
  • Consultation on the second draft-- you get to be the first beta-reader.
Muse of Fire
$100 or more per month
  • All that the $50 level brings, plus...
  • The fountain pen with which the first draft was written, tuned and tamed by me-- because when I'm not writing or trapped at The Regular Job, I repair fountain pens and urge other people to try them (honest!  Try googling my name, and see if fountain pens aren't entangled in the results).
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