What is this Patreon thing all about anyway?
Making this podcast is a wonderful passion project: it's been so much fun meeting lots of houseplant enthusiasts and hearing how the podcast is helping people learn more about their plants. Thanks to every one of you who has engaged with the podcast in myriad ways over the past few months.

A year on from launch, and my recent listener survey showed that many of you are keen for more episodes, longer episodes, and generally more great houseplant-related stuff. To make that possible, I need to make the podcast pay its way.

So I've joined Patreon so that you can show your support for the show and get the extra On The Ledge content you're calling for. For as little as $6 ($5 plus $1 VAT) you'll get at least TWO bonus podcast episodes per month, plus extra posts and info you won't find anywhere else.

You've got questions? I've got answers! Patreon FAQ ahoy...

What's Patreon? It's a way of becoming a supporter of a creative project (in this case a podcast) by paying a monthly fee of your choice. What do you get in return? Well it depends how much you are prepared to give. Still confused? Watch this one-minute video for a better explanation of how things work.

There are three tiers of membership... 

  • For $1 a month (plus 20c VAT) you can show you care and get a warm fuzzy feeling, a bit like that buzz when you find a plant on your wishlist!
  • For $5 a month (plus $1 VAT) you'll get at least two extra podcast episodes a month, plus extra posts and information
  • For $30 a month (plus $3.33 VAT) you'll get all of the above, plus a 15-minute a one-to-one Skype consultation with me to talk about your plants!  

Can I still donate via Ko-fi? I completely understand that some people won't be able to make a monthly commitment, and if you're in this category I'd be delighted if you could continue to make an occasional donation via Ko-fi.

I am not from the US, can I still donate? YES! Although the payments are calculated in dollars, provided you have a credit card you can become a patron of On The Ledge.

I can't donate, how else can I support On The Ledge? Don't worry, there are loads of ways you can support the show in other ways! 

Here are a few suggestions:

  • Leave a review on your pod app of choice. If you don't know how, ask and I can help you out!
  • Spread the word in person. Grab your friend/mother/auntie's phone and show them how to subscribe to their very first podcast. If it's On The Ledge, all the better!
  • Tweet about it. My Twitter handle is @janeperrone and you can use the hashtag #OnTheLedgepodcast.
  • Tag me on Instagram. Show the world your copy of The Houseplant Expert by Dr DG Hessayon!

Still got questions? That's understandable, I am still feeling my way with this stuff too! Just drop me a line to [email protected] with your query and I'll try to help!

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