Pontius Pilate The Movie

Mark Darby Slater

The dialogue between Pontius Pilate and Yeshua

During the trial, when Pontius Pilate asked Jesus (Yeshua), "What is truth?" I identify with the reasons why Yeshua did NOT answer the Prefect of Judea. It took me a VERY long time to grasp this is not a one word answer or even a one sentence answer to this question.  We may or may not know that the word "truth" , in context, is a direct reference to The Son of Man, The Father, The Messiah, the Rabbi, and Savior. That answer is the minimal. 

Yeshua's words, always carefully constructed, he says to Pontius Pilate “… I have come into the world to bear witness to the truth. Everyone who is of the truth, hears my voice.” That makes more sense when one realizes that Father and Son are the same. Pontius Pilate could not “hear” the truth because it would have to be given to him from above. Impossible to make sense of it, the prefect asks, “What is truth? What Yeshua could not explain to Pontius Pilate, because he would not understand, was that Yeshua's explanation of the “truth" is also a counter-point to the wrongdoings of the Pharisees. The truth was in opposition to the lies of the law makers, the Pharisees. 

How the screenplay delivers the Gospels

The screenplay for our movie, Pontius Pilate, is careful to deliver the accurate composite of the Gospel record for the Trial. Chronologically correct, from my studies and research completed long before, when I amassed the recorded miracles. Now re-reading the Gospels in chronological order (using the book mentioned below) has given me a better appreciation of Yeshua's anger in the Temple. The money changers (cheating the populace), the overturning of the tables, their location in the Temple, where a physical representation of the infractions of the Pharisees is seen at work; this brings forth Yeshua's indignation, his patience had run out. He was showing them they had no compassion for the poor. Yeshua’s attitude at the trial, unlike his anger in the Temple, spins around and takes the form of the submissive lamb. 

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What the Pharisees had done***

The Pharisees perverted the Laws of Moses with which they were deceiving and therefore controlling the Jewish people: The reason Yeshua called them "vipers"! Because the Pharisees had spoken into law all kinds of 'perversions' of the truth, with an excessive number of additions to the Torah. Yeshua was angry. This is why Yeshua would heal on the Sabbath to show that their laws were inhuman and without regard or compassion for the infirm. The word "truth" became a greater word for me and my comprehension of it grew in this larger setting. The story, from Pontius Pilate’s perspective, allows us to see what he does NOT know during the time of the trial: very unlikely Pontius Pilate knew all the intricacies of their laws. He dismisses their beliefs as “mere superstitions”. (See my Post The Jewish People & Antisemitism, During the reign of Roman Emperors Tiberius and Caligula http://bit.ly/TheJewishPeople).

There’s no denying this

For Yeshua, the trial was neither the time nor the place to fully explain to a Roman. Predestination had been established within the plan foretold by the Creator through the earlier scriptures. Without comprehension, Pontius Pilate affirms he is lost in this world until he finds the truth, if he ever does. As Yeshua said to the Prefect, "My kingdom is not of this world." Pontius Pilate was not to grasp Yeshua's spiritual world. Pontius Pilate would have been confounded by it. As a judge he was looking for solid ground, not spiritual truths, if he were to free this innocent man, the accused. To give the rowdy crowd their wish, which was execution, Pontius Pilate had to measure the threat while the Lamb submitted. Yeshua knew Pontius Pilate’s limitations. Even if Yeshua had decided to explain to Pontius Pilate the mysteries of ‘Heaven and Earth’, it would not have changed the outcome. 

***Footnote: More detailed notes reveal Yeshua’s distain for the ruling classes of Pharisees and Sanhedrin which may be found on Pages 208/209 of The Chronological Gospels. Available at; https://bookstore.aroodawakening.tv/collections/shop-by-categories-the-chronological-gospels