What is your Spirit Animal?

Wolf - wolf is loyal, playful, a loner but works well with others

Cat - cat loves zen time lounging in the sun, to be pampered and adored.

Dolphin- dolphin is playful, adventurous, and loves to live!

Tiger - tiger is strong and observant and not to be taken lightly

Lion - lion is bold, fierce, the king of beasts! Basically a big pussy cat.

Dog - dog is loyal, patient, and submissive out of love, playful, adventurous and curious, and very, very dirty lol

Mermaid - mermaid is creative, insightful, a loner but full of love, adventurous, and little bit flirty

Unicorn - unicorn is shy, magical, and other worldly, truth seeking, and always pursuing excellence

Dragon - dragon is mischievous, magical, witty, a loner, and usually good looking

Raven - raven is mysterious, playful, loyal, and intuitive and loves its family and friends,

Butterfly - butterfly is a free spirit, you gotta let a butterfly fly

Eagle - eagle is the highest flyer and the farthest seer, eagle sees all truth and is closest to Spirit, eagle is Free From

Bear - bear is strong marching on doing whatever a bear wants to do!

Seahorse - seahorse is shy, dedicated, and meek, prefers to be alone with its piano

I'm sure I missed some Spirit Animals. Please let me know what yours is!

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