What it is that I've done (so far)
At the moment, I mostly expect the people who see this to be individuals who already know me and have some awareness of my creative background. However, it has occurred to me that with any luck, that won't always be the case. You can always check out my blog/site at dllywelynjones.net, but to save you some time, here's some basic info about my literary output to date. If you check back here later, I'll be posting fuller summaries of my unpublished/incomplete projects, with fuller details available for patrons. Enjoy!


“Scrying.” Micro essay for Flat Earth Theatre’s Tales of a Fourth Grade Lesbo blog, published March 12, 2016.

Tiresias. Novel, self-published, first edition November 2013. Lambda Literary Award finalist. Print and digital editions available for purchase on Lulu as well as through other major online retailers or your local bookstore.

“Two stories woven and unraveled together: a young  transgender student named Quinn helps his girlfriend escape from a  violent home, while almost one hundred years prior, T. S. Eliot’s life  is given a fictional retelling. Discovering for himself how abuse  survivors can mirror their abusers’ behavior, Quinn finds himself mired  in the continuing cycle over the course of two and a half years. A  speculative romantic awakening for Eliot in Paris is derailed into his  historically miserable first marriage. As four figures struggle with  sexuality, destructive incompatibility, and the uncertain territory of  trans-inclusive gender politics, the question becomes whether Quinn is  trapped not only in one relationship, but also in a biography that is  not his own… and a biography he himself has written.”

Free preview here.

“On Chelsea Manning and the Litmus Test of the Left Wing.” Article for Blast Bombshell, published August 23, 2013.

Personal blog articles published on defunct site between December  2011 and April 2013. A sampling have been migrated to my current blog.


 Frankenstein; or, The Modern Prometheus. Play in three acts,  based on the novel by Mary Wollstonecraft Shelley; full script available  for public reading or staged production.

“O Fortuna.” Short science fiction story; in the submissions process.


 Armes Prydein. Collaborative multi-genre novel trilogy; in preliminary research & worldbuilding stages.

Equinox (working title). Science fiction project likely to yield several novels; in preliminary research & worldbuilding stages.

Several other novels in more abstract condition.


Guest editor for the first Trans Issue of The Offing, published November 2015.