What it's all about
If only I had a dollar for every time someone has benefited or enjoyed one of my… Oh! Wait a minute!

So that’s why I’m now here. For nearly twenty years I’ve been sharing my travel photos, and for over ten years I've been writing travel guide like information for visitors to Japan, and eight of those years has been on the JapanesePhotos.Asia blog. I concentrate mostly on travel photography, and occasionally I write travel articles, so I’ll be continuing to do that here on Patreon. The costs are kept deliberately very low for the time being. In the future I hope to offer more, especially if the audience grows sufficiently, which will help to keep the costs low. In short, the more patrons there are, the more I can support you all cheaply. What will be done with your contributions?

Benefits to you

The money is not for any kind of fools folly, but to give back to you. Let me explain why I do this for you. I already had some travel related articles out there, but the big inspiration for blogging travel info was when my cousin and her husband visited me here in Japan. They didn’t really know what to do or where to go when they visited. Instead they just did the big ticket places, Asakusa, Tokyo Skytree, Shibuya Crossing, and some of the key places on the popular Kyoto tourist map. So, with them in mind, I’ll be writing and inspiring you to go beyond these “standards” and to have your own unique, exciting stories to tell that will amaze your friends. Consequently, I plan to produce Japan-based information articles, travel guide, and travel photography articles; and I hope occasionally similar articles and photos from other countries. These will be of great interest and use to anyone considering travel to Asia and to Japan.


There will be weekly posts that will include at least a photo. The photo will be yours to keep for your own blogs or travel-mood-wall / travel planning scrapbook, whatever. Usually, the photos cost from USD$25 for personal use, but I ask patrons only for $1 or $5. The photos will usually come in two sizes: large and websize. Large for printing; web size for your personal blogs. Please don’t reshare these images on your blogs without including attribution to me and this community (please use the http://patreon.com/ablyth link), and never give the photos to other people, but tell them to join this community.


A longer and more informative article will be published most months. However, once our first goal of USD$200 a month is achieved, then a monthly article can be guaranteed. These will be photography and travel articles, they will vary in length, and will include a pdf of the article that you can download and keep in your eBook library for future reference when travelling.

The more support we get in this community, the more adventurous the photos and articles can be. There are so, so many fascinating places in Japan, and some will surprise you. The last major free travel article I have published on the JapanesePhotos.Asia blog was 5 Times to Avoid Travel in Japan, and previous to that was the Okunoshima Rabbit Island article. The Okunoshima article is much, much longer than normal, but you get the idea of the sort of detail I can get into. All the information is practical, and can allow for the easiest of visits for holiday makers, tourists, and travellers.

I’ve attended lots of cultural and religious events already in Japan. These include the Naked Man Festival, the Fertility Festival, Nagoya Dance Festival, the World Cosplay Summit, and many more. Expect to see more like these published here. If you’re looking for photos related, take a look at the portfolio here: https://ablyth.photoshelter.com/gallery-collection/Culture-Religion/C0000NMg8GDdr2Vs 


At the moment, there are two rewards and one goal. The rewards are $1 and $5; I hope everyone can afford the $5 reward, but I know not everyone is able to, so please contribute what you can. The two tiers offer the same benefits, but I’ll give more shout outs and recognition to those in the $5 tier; and I’ll also prioritise your suggestions for photography and travel articles. The current monthly goal is USD$200. If our community can grow to this financial goal, then I can be more adventurous photographically and in producing information articles, and find some unique experiences that can be of great interest to you all.

Finally, thanks to all new patrons and welcome to the community. I look forward to hearing from you.