What I've Been Watching - Week of 9-28-16
Hey guys!

I wanted to share the stuff I've been watching (and why) on YouTube lately, so I thought I'd do it here. Maybe this could become a regular thing?

1. DSLR Video Shooter


Caleb's channel is pretty cool - focusing on video shooting tips and lots of cool DIY projects focused around his video studio. This was in my recommendations on YouTube, and I quickly started binge-watching his channel. 

I've learned a lot, and already started implementing a few things I've gotten from his content. Stoked to keep going through his archives.

2. DigitalFoundry


These guys work for Eurogamer and do framerate analyses and tech analyses of console games, compare them to the PC releases, etc. They do a fantastic job and I love watching everything they put out, especially their "DF Retro" series where Jon looks at older games.

3. Lon Seidman


Lon is another tech reviewer who I look up to, being a one man show, like myself. I've learned a lot about efficiency and "function over form"/just getting things done from his work and style. Plus, he has lots of reviews of consumer-level products.


Let me know if you'd like me to keep doing this!

And no, none of these are sponsored "shout outs" or anything like that. I just like sharing what I watch so you can get more great content, too. :)

Thanks guys!

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