What I've been up to.
The photo above is of the new Cardboard Heroes  set I did for Steve Jackson Games.  Oddly enough the giant rat is an old character from an early set, (Don't worry, there's a bunch of new giant rats in the new set.) but the other three are brand new. From left to right it's a Rock Mite, Old Giant Rat, blurry Big Spider, and female Smuggler. I recently completed the last one of the nearly 50 figures on Saturday and it left me exhausted with an aching shoulder. I have been working like mad to meet my already blown deadline on these, and so I've been forced to ignore everything including you guys! This makes me sad. What makes me even more sad is that I can't put up the files for my loyal Patrons, because if I do then you have them for free, and Steve Jackson Games would probably have an issue with that. :-(

I'll see if I can get them to agree to let me show some of the sketches for the figures. 

As usual, I wish I'd had more time to work on them. There are edits I still want to make. However, this photo does show that these figures have a surprisingly spectacular level of detail! The black line work looks crisp and clear, something I didn't expect. Early sets were all offset printed, and the screening was so crude that any detail you saw was more an artifact of your imagination than ink. These new heroes are vastly superior!

I'll get back to doing cool stuff for you folks now!