What kind of content do you want to see in 2019?

Normally polls are an exclusive perk for $3+ patrons, but for this special end of the year poll, I wanted to open it up to everyone because I really want to get your feedback! 

Since I've felt quite overloaded with all the different things I'm doing, I wanted to take some time this month to think about my focus and potentially hone it so I'm not pulled in quite so many directions. That's where you come in! By participating in this poll, you can let me know what aspects of Chic Pixel and my related work you like best so I can decide how I spend my time a little bit better. 

For example, one of my goals for 2018 was to post a Youtube video every week, which turned out to be a far too lofty. I also feel I fell quite behind in my game review goals and was not able to keep up with releases as well as I'd hoped. By letting me know which of these and the other options in the poll you prefer, you can help me re-evaluate my direction for 2019! 

You're welcome to vote for as many items in the poll as you'd like. Please keep in mind that even if something doesn't get a lot of notes, that doesn't necessarily mean I will cut it out of my repetiore entirely! This is just to let me know what kinds of content you all prefer. 

Thanks so much for your feedback! $1+ patrons should look for to a December recap post coming in the next couple of days!

Written reviews of video games


Written reviews of manga, anime, or other things (i.e subscription boxes)


Unboxing videos


Gameplay videos


Hobonichi/journal videos


Written posts on topics related to my academic work on BL, otome games, etc.


Japan travel posts (both of my own personal travel or locations such as themed cafes)


Game-Along posts (i.e me posting about my own participation in the montly game-alongs)


News posts (relevant to topics covered on Chic Pixel, such as otome games, BL, etc.)


Other (please leave a comment with details or send me a DM if you prefer not to do so publicly!)

Poll ended Dec 28, 2018
102 votes total