What kinds of tutorials would you like to see in the future?

One of my goals this year is to release some tutorials for things I had to do tons of research myself, and haven't seen any proper tutorials on especially in the context of adult games. 

Below are some general tutorial ideas I have, please pick what you're most interested in.

Modeling: Best practices modeling for animation in hentai games

Modeling: Hair modeling and texturing

Animation: Motion examples for sex animation to create "impact"

Animation: Guidelines for animating 2D images in Unity with Anima 2D

Technical Art: Custom PBR shaders with Amplify Shader

Technical Art: Animation FBX exporting in blender with multiple simutaneous characters.

Technical Art: Optimizing asset workflow for future expansion (getting 3D work done first, and improving it later)

Technical Art: Quirks of exporting from blender into Untiy

Technical Art: How to use cinemachine for sex animations

Character Design: Ideas for appealing character design

Character Design: Drawing references of cartoony 2D characters for 3D modeling

Painting: Painting a scene without "lines"

Painting: Picking colors for a painting quickly

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