What The Left Hand Is Doing - teaser!

Okay, for non-patrons, here's the first two chapters of What The Left Hand Is Doing - the first (but depending on audience response, possibly not the last) casefile for Allison Kathryn "Allykat" Jones: real sex worker, fake private eye, real mystery!

I actually did research & interviews with a real sexual service provider friend of mine: I really wanted to get that part of the story reasonably authentic, even if the action and the mystery are a tad... improbable.

And yes, I feel it goes without saying, this story contains a lot of sex, a little mild violence, and one threat of sexual assault.  Not for kids.

If you like this, the full story is available for patrons (for as little as $1/month!) over here:  https://www.patreon.com/posts/25853302 

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