What a Lovely Day
So today (or yesterday, depending on which side of the globe you live in) WotC placed 5th Edition under the OGL through the System Reference Document 5.0.  

This is welcome news  for the Vampire Kitten! For starters, I can now more directly use the 5E rules with less tiptoeing. That does mean that I am shelving the 5 Lives Left experiment, which is basically 5E-compatible up to level 10, since I can just straight up use 5E, now.

The other side of the news is about the Dungeon Master's Guild, a virtual storefront for D&D 5E content for the Forgotten Realms. I won't be joining the DM Guild for now - primarily because I know next to nothing about the Forgotten Realms. But I will likely  change my mind once I think of something that will fit!

So, updates. Part 2 of the Sons of Layaw is currently in the works, and it will detail the Bones of Layaw. I have a fair idea of what it does thematically, but I'm still trying to figure out how to present it rules-wise. But yes, in general I seem to be favoring a rules light, narrative approach, so the entry will probably be along similar styles.

If all goes well, I can release it by the latter half of the month!