What made your 2016 memorable?
It's been 2 months since 2017 started!
Are you achieving your new year resolution so far?
... I hear lots of "No." 😂💔

Why not look back your 2016 and reorganized 2017 goals?

We're hosting an iPhone story video contest!🏆✨
The theme of the contest is "what made last year memorable to you?"
You can make a 1-2 min narrative video with your iPhone and share on SnowSugar.com! We will promote your video on our social media👍

Deadline: March, 14th 12pm(EST)
Prize: 3 month free promo by SnowSugar Video

For more info, go to http://snowsugar.com/story-video-contest/

Tell Your Story, Inspire The World!

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