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Modern Age Level
$5 or more per month
Exclusive and direct access to weekly update posts of what we're working on this week. We're always shooting new shows every single week, whether it's a new Back Issues, Letters Page or Off the Rack! It's only a few of us working every week, but there's always something fun and new to report on.
Bronze Age
$10 or more per month
First off, you get everything from the $5 level, PLUS access to the exclusive audio-only, Patreon-exclusive podcast One-Shots from the Elseworlds Exchange podcast!
Silver Age
$20 or more per month
OK, you get everything from the $5 and $10 levels, plus early access to videos if and when they're finished ahead of their release. This will always include The Elseworlds Exchange videos, which are usually released Fridays.
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