What? My Patreon is Evolving!

You probably noticed that I've been quiet on Patreon for the last few months. I am sorry for not keeping up with goodies but I've been struggling with a deep internal conflict. Patreon as a platform is designed with the goal of allowing artists to continue creating and doing what they love by receiving support from the community. I originally started my Patreon to pay for food. I was a literally starving artist and needed the money just to eat so I could keep persuing my career in NYC. Thanks to your tremendous support I am finally at a point in my life that the money from Patreon is no longer necessary. I am still a very poor artist, but I am proud to be making enough to cover my rent and food each month!

So this leads to the ultimate question: If I don't need the money anymore, what the hell am I doing here?

This caused me consternation that I had been inadvertently scamming everyone, which horrified me. I surmised that I don't need Patreon anymore so it would be only just to shut down my twitter and youtube. As I contemplated this however, I discovered that I don't want to get rid of them. What started out as-- for lack of a better way to put it-- gimmicks for my Patreon, they have grown to be a joy in themselves. Even if I got rid of my Patreon, I would want to continue what I am doing on the other platforms.

Which brings us back to Patreon: If I don't need the money anymore, what the hell am I doing here?

I have reflected a lot on my experience with Patreon and found many positive outcomes. What I have discovered is I find true fulfillment in sharing my journey with you: answering questions, pulling back the curtain, and hopefully inspiring other thespians from less urbane parts of the country. This gives me almost as much joy as creating Theatre itself. Almost. I would want to share my journey even if there was no monetary gain.

So, Patreon: If I don't need the money, what the hell am I doing here?

I finally found an answer: I do need the money. I don't need it for food as I originally inteded, but I do need it to keep sending you stuff. I have found it incredidbly rewarding to collect actor trash and go shoppinig for small keepsakes that illustrate my journey so I can mail them to you. As much as I love you all, I'm not taking money out of my monthly rent to do so, which finally brings us to what is happening to my Patreon.

My Patreon is changing, but moreso in tone than physically. Instead of the goal being to put food in my mouth, my goal now is to provide you with as much behind the scenes Theatre stuff as possible from around the world. The tiers are changing, but only slightly. Here's a quick overview:


$1- Just the same: behind the scenes, early access, etc.

$5- The first physical goody tier. At least once a month, get a post card from wherever I am in the world.

$10- Nothing. You're more than free to still donate $10/month and get the afformentioned perks, but nothing special for doing so, sorry.

$20- Same goodies as before :) Very worth it, ask any of the current donors!

$121- Lol no.

Hopefully this makes sense and as always please let me know if you have any questions.

I am implementing all of this ASAP and will have the tiers updated for February. With the new direction in mind, Youtube will stay simmering for now with focus mostly on the Veekly Vlog, but I'm hoping the revamp will reignite my spark for Mobile Madcaps and Personae Periodica. Twitter will remain just as active, and I thank you all for your constant feedback on it. I am sure that my Patreon will continue to evolve and I will keep you abreast as it does. For now though, I feel I have finally reached the next solid level. I am thankful to every one of you because you've gotten me through Act I of my great venture, and I hope that you'll continue with me as the curtain rises on Act II!

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