What rewards would you like?
Over the next week I will be deciding how to revise the rewards system once “Select a Subject” ends on April 1. I would *love* to hear suggestions from both patrons & non-patrons (which is why this post is public).

I am thinking I will probably grant access to the biweekly preview content (usually either 2 pages of text or 1 minute of video) to the $5/month tier - if that’s something people are interested in - and come up with a new reward for the $10/month tier for starters.

Please feel free to contact me via Patreon comment or direct message, blog comment, Twitter reply or direct message, email, or any other convenient means with suggestions or general advice. And remember, the “choose a Film in Focus” option remains in effect until April 1 if you want to take advantage of it. Thanks!

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