What Sarah Said - Death Cab for Cutie | Sax Remix
I talk about this in depth, in the comments of the video, but as you know, yesterday, I made 3 free bonus videos for you guys. One was the Adventure Time one that so far only you guys have seen, the other The Simpsons' one, and lastly it was this song. I just made it because I ran across it recently and I remembered listening to this stuff in high school. Anyway, if you're not familiar with the song, it's about loss, and death, and the issues of hospitals and watching someone pass away there...and this morning when I awoke, I got a message from two former band members that our former bassist, had been killed in a Hit and Run some time yesterday. It's been a pretty awful day for me, but it makes the lyrics and emotions of this song even stronger. I recorded this before I found out. I couldn't play today if I wanted. If you're interested, the very first 2 videos on my channel, feature him on bass. He was a good kid and the world, at least our world, is poorer for his absence. Please enjoy and I'll send you another song later. R.I.P. Brian Sandlin.