What sets us apart
Victorian Restorations—  Victory Signs is going after a niche market to create signage, gilding and glass work for Victorian restoration which is at an all-time high with owners seeking to restore and maintain their buildings. Most sign companies today offer only vinyl letters and electronic billboards, a far cry from hand painted windows that predominated buildings until the late 1970’s when vinyl lettering became common. Victory Signs is the only local business to provide chipped/etched glass, gilding, and hand lettering found in the Victorian Era.  An Old Style Signmaking Shop married with modern wisdom creating one of a kind originals that will stand the test of time.

Boats— With the second largest bay in California as well as the 12 marinas and boat launches, Humboldt County has a large population of boat owners notorious for impeccable  maintenance of their vessels. Boat owners make sure the boat’s name and I.D. numbers are ship shape.

Vehicles— Logging Trucks,Gas Trucks, Cement Trucks, Landscaping Trucks, Contractors.  Basically anyone with a vehicle that wants lettering, or a hand painted magnet for the side of their vehicle. Including airplanes.

Native American Tribes--Native American’s make up 10% of the local population.  Language restoration is a top priority for several local tribes and we have been approached to lead hand lettering workshops to two of them to teach their youth about letter form and graphic layout.  I want to encourage local tribes to have dual signs on their land: in English and their own language for their community centers, Sacred Sights, businesses and homes.

In Humboldt County we are surrounded by historic buildings and a desire to maintain and refurbish them.  For example, Old Town Eureka alone is a 350 acre historic district containing 154 contributing buildings and one contributing structure. The City of Eureka is revamping its Bayfront to be a Victorian Seaport town that draws visitors.  A few miles south, the Victorian Village of Ferndale is also a tourist destination. Humboldt County brought in $6.4 million in sales and occupancy taxes in 2013.   People come from all over the world to experience life on the north coast and enjoy our beautiful Victorians.  A local ordinance in Arcata limits the number of franchise restaurants to nine which speaks to the community’s desire for unique businesses.   The quality of life on the north coast can be reflected in signage created by Mastercraftsmen who are passing on the trade to people who are falling through the cracks.  Beauty abounds in letterform and Victorian layout, as old photos of Eureka's waterfront show us.