What Should December's Theme Be?
November was all about the El Ocho campaign setting, inspired by my recent trip to Mexico (and my love for Mexican pulp novels).

But what should the theme for December be? I've got a few ideas of the direction I want to go, but I could use your input.

Thanks for following and voting!

(Note: all of these will use the Fifth Edition rules setting)

Modern Zombie Apocalypse Setting (a la The Walking Dead)

90s Beat 'Em Up Setting (a la Double Dragon and Streets of Rage)

High Fantasy Setting (think Xanth or Neverending Story)

Low Fantasy Setting (Song of Fire and Ice, etc)

Science Fiction Setting (something akin to Traveller or Starfinder)

Animals Are Heroes (No Humans, you play a dog, cat, etc)

80s Chillwave Setting (Kinda like Cyberpunk with an 80s aesthetic)

Other (Let me know in the community section)

23 votes total
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