What Should Come Next?
With Necromance coming to an exciting conclusion with Part 10 in mid-June and the (still) untitled Dying Days YA novella ending in the next few months, I thought it time to look ahead and decide on what the next Patreon-exclusive story would be. 

It will probably end up being the top two choices. Top choice will start in mid-July and then whenever the Dying Days YA book is finished I'll start on the second choice. 

Anyone can vote, although I hope you'll also want to read along each month as I release the chapters (as well as read the 100+ other posts, chapters, etc.) I've published on my Patreon page as well by subscribing for only $1 a month. 

"Death Metal" horror novel (rewrite)


"Tool Shed" horror novel (rewrite)


"Freehold" fantasy novel (rewrite)


New untitled Thriller novel


New untitled Horror novel

Poll ended Jul 10, 2017
12 votes total